Earn VIP Points

VIP Points are used to unlock Direct MEGA Link of a girl which has photos + videos which you can view directly without having to download a zip file onto your device and extracting it (like free users).

Users can buy 1,000 VIP Points for £29.99 (with cryptocurrency) and £100.00 (with Cashapp, Paypal, Venmo, Zelle).

However, FREE Users can earn points too by doing certain tasks. Each task will earn you points, you may also repeat these tasks to earn even more points.

Before we proceed, you should know how many points it takes for unlocking albums.
Small Albums – 10 Points / 20 Points (Exclusive)
Medium Albums – 20 Points / 40 Points (Exclusive)
Large Albums – 30 Points / 100+ Points (Exclusive)

Commenting – 1 Point

Users can earn 1 Point every time they comment on a post. However, you will only earn 1 Point when the comment is approved by us. Low quality comments are not allowed. Do not comment random gibberish such as “wefrgsvb” “Ty” “thx”, your comment will not be approved.

For your comment to be approved, you should:
Comment if you have any insights/information/updates about the girl.
Comment if you are replying/interacting with another comment.
Comment if you want to criticize and have problems or don’t like the album, as long as it is not low quality comment, we will approve it.
Comment with common sense and know if that comment is low quality or not.

You may comment anything, but we do not guarantee if it will be approved. However, if it is approved, you will earn 1 Point for that comment.

You must be logged in when posting a comment, otherwise you will not earn points. Click here to login

Original Content Submission – 250 – 5,000 Points

Users may submit their original content and earn points based on the quality and size of the album. Describe your content to us and we will propose you the appropriate points you will receive for it. One album can earn you up to 5,000 Points. It all varies from album to album so we cannot give fixed points, you will know how many points your album(s) are worth once you contact us. You many also submit multiple albums to earn even more points.

When a user accumulates 5,000 Points from submission, they also have the option to cash out £500 for those 5,000 Points. You can only cash out if those points came from original content submissions.

Advertising on Telegram Groupchats / Channels – 10 Points

Users can earn 10 Points for every 10 groups they advertise Statewins in. You may provide proof by messaging @statewinx on Telegram with screenshots and your Statewins username. After that, points will be assigned to you.

Product Review – 50 Points (CUSTOMERS ONLY!)

Customers who purchased a product can earn 50 points if they leave a review on the product they purchased.

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