Pay With PayPal

Discount is not available for PayPal payments. You will have to pay the original price.

We accept PayPal payments manually. You may contact us by:

Telegram: @statewinx
(Fastest response time)

(Moderate response time)

Email: [email protected]

Fill the form mentioned below when you contact us to pay with PayPal. Once you send us the form, we will give you the PayPal username of an exchanger that you have to send money to. These exchangers work directly with Statewins, no third party is involved.

PayPal Payment Form

Product: (Write the product you want to purchase, one or multiple)
PayPal: (Write your PayPal username or email)
MEGA: (Write your MEGA email to receive shared folder, use a separate account if you want)
Agreement: (Write “I understand that I have to pay with Friends & Family option”)

Discount is not available for PayPal payments

You will have to pay original price stated for the product for PayPal payments. Only cryptocurrency payments can pay with discounted price. Why? Payments other than cryptocurrency is an expensive and manual process. When you send pay with payments other than cryptocurrency, we do not directly receive it, our exchangers do. We have to pay fees to our exchanger for each payments, then we also have to pay the fees for buying cryptocurrency to our exchanger. After that, we have to pay the transaction fees too, our exchanger does not cover that. Finally, we have to pay conversion fees for converting the Bitcoin we receive from exchanger to Monero. This entire process is very expensive and it is not possible to accept such losses for a payment method that is not preferred by us.

Payment methods other than cryptocurrency is only a last resort for users who cannot seem to obtain cryptocurrency under any circumstance. By any means, pay with cryptocurrency if you have it, it makes the process much easier for us.

PayPal Payment Instructions

  • Pay in Pound sterling, convert Pound sterling to United States Dollar in google before paying. Statewins processes all payments in Pound sterling.
  • Pay with PayPal balance itself, not directly from your card. Otherwise your payment will be declined by us. Deposit funds to your PayPal balance first and then show us screenshot proof.
  • Pay with Friends & Family option.

Are you a PayPal user that can accept payments and convert into bitcoin and pay us? Then contact @statewinx on Telegram. We are looking for more exchangers since we experience high volumes of payments. You will receive 15% of each transaction.