Statewins is currently looking for staff. Staff will earn money and gain access to unwatermarked albums for free + Access to RARE Exclusive Albums.

Job as a Statewins Staff:

  • Watermark Albums.
  • Combine two images in 3:4 Aspect Ratio to create a thumbnail for the post.
  • State the amount of photos and videos along with the size of the album.
  • Upload the albums you have watermarked to Fichier and free MEGA Account (For VIP users).
  • Expected to Watermark at least 30 albums per week.

The process is very easy. You will be provided with a guide on how to do it. Completing one album (doing all those steps above) takes 10-15 minutes of screentime work.

!! We are only hiring limited amount of people. If you are interested, claim your spot quickly. !!

Benefits of Statewins Staff:

  • Access to unwatermarked albums.
  • Access to RARE Exclusive Albums.
  • Earn money with minimal effort.
  • Flexible work schedule.

Message @statewinx on Telegram or email [email protected] if you are interested in joining.