Create a support ticket for the following reasons:

  • Issue with an order.
  • Snaphack Service request submissions. (CUSTOMERS ONLY!)
  • Content removal.

If you create a support ticket for anything else, it will be ignored and you will be permanently banned from Statewins.

Other inquiries are strictly through the following platforms:

Ticket Form


If you have issue with your order, wait at least 3 hours before creating a ticket. Sometimes the blockchain is congested and takes awhile for Statewins to confirm your order, even if it is confirmed in blockchain.

If your order is still not completed after 3 hours. Do the following:

1. State your Order ID Number in the title along with the product name that you purchased.
2. In text box briefly summarize your problem.

NOTE: If you do not state your order ID Number in title, your ticket will be ignored and deleted.



1. State your Order ID Number in title.
2. Write your requests in the textbox. Use the following format, enter anything you have that the form needs.

Date Of Birth:

The more information filled, the higher chance we have of success.

Please try to send all your requests in one message, feel free to send more requests but only in bulk and not one-by-one. This is not a requirement but makes the process easier for us.

Do not send messages or try to create a conversation in this ticket, use it only for your submissions; we will reply to you when we get in. If you want updates about your Snaphack you can contact @statewin on Telegram.

Before You Create A Ticket

  • Do not create a ticket more than once, you will be banned.
  • If your ticket is deleted that means your issue is solved, we do not keep logs for privacy.
  • We will respond to your ticket eventually, it may take awhile depending on how many tickets we are getting.

Frequently Asked Questions

I lost my password. How do I reset?

It is not possible to reset your password. Your password is your responsibility. Statewins is heavily modified to be as encrypted as possible. It is not possible to reset password. You will have to register a new account, your purchases from previous account will not be reinstated.