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Upload a girl for us to post. If the upload is approved, you will get VIP Points depending on the quality. However, if the upload is not approved, you will not receive a response from us.

Please keep in mind that just because the girl you are uploading is not posted on Statewins does not mean that we do not have it. If you upload a girl we do not have, you will receive points for it.

Upload Rules & Conditions

Uploading Rules & Conditions (CLICK TO OPEN)

Before uploading, please read the following rules & conditions:

1. ONLY TRUE AMATEUR GIRLS! Do not upload OnlyFans girls or girls previously posted on another site. The upload must be a girl that you personally received from the content creator or through trading. For example, suppose one guy (such as Starkylol or Snapgod) on Telegram is selling his BM or Snaphack content and you bought from him, you can upload them here. But do not upload from creators we already know, unless you have their unreleased truly rare content.

2. The girl’s nudes must not be before 2020, you can still upload, but you will not receive points for it. Only upload if you really want to expose the girl.

3. Do not upload girls that clearly looks like a child, use common sense.

4. Upload must contain a MINIMUM of 5 images/videos or combination of photos/videos. You will get points depending on the amount of photos/videos, higher the better.

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