Paying with Cashapp / Paypal

Discount is not available for Non-Cryptocurrency payments. You will have to pay the original price.
  • Step 1: Create an order in shop, choose the product you want. For example, this guide will explain how to buy VIP Access.
  • Step 2: Add VIP Access to cart and proceed to checkout.
  • Step 3: Once you are in checkout ( selection Cashapp / Paypal under the Payments Option, you will see it below Cryptocurrency. Once selected, click “Place Order”
  • Step 4: Now you will be in “Order Received” page, you will see your Order ID in this page. For example, this guide’s Order ID is “ORDER NUMBER: 10029
  • Step 5: Visit , this is a different website store for statewins where cashapp and paypal (F&F) payment methods are available. Since VIP Access is 100

Discount is not available for Non-Cryptocurrency payments

You will have to pay original price stated for the product for Cashapp payments. Only cryptocurrency payments can pay with discounted price. Why? Payments other than cryptocurrency is an expensive and manual process. When you send pay with payments other than cryptocurrency, we do not directly receive it, our exchangers do. We have to pay fees to our exchanger for each payments, then we also have to pay the fees for buying cryptocurrency to our exchanger. After that, we have to pay the transaction fees too, our exchanger does not cover that. Finally, we have to pay conversion fees for converting the Bitcoin we receive from exchanger to Monero. This entire process is very expensive and it is not possible to accept such losses for a payment method that is not preferred by us.

Payment methods other than cryptocurrency is only a last resort for users who cannot seem to obtain cryptocurrency under any circumstance. By any means, pay with cryptocurrency if you have it, it makes the process much easier for us.

Cashapp Payment Instructions

  • Do not use a fake Cashapp account to pay us. Cashapp has strict system and your payment is most likely to be declined by Cashapp.
  • Add any image to your profile picture to increase success rate of payment, you may remove later.